Sunday, August 10, 2008

Z-Man and Me at the Park

Saturday Auntie took me to meet Unca Bill and Z-Man at the park. I like Unca Bill. He's not really my Unca, but he is Auntie's way cool little bro. He has a son named Z-Man and I really like playing with him.

It rained the night before, so Unca Bill took one for the team and went down the slide first. That way only his butt got wet and not mine or Z-Man's.

In this next picture I am tryin to explain the difference between the pine cone and the chocolate milk. Please note that pine cones do NOT taste nearly as good as chocolate milk does!

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Amber said...

This picture of the pine cones and chocolate milk is hilarious! I'm glad he had a good day with Z-Man. He kept telling me that he likes Unca Bill. Wh doesn't though, right? LOL Love you guys lots!