Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Introduction


My name is Master Smiley. I am staying with my Auntie and Uncle until my mommy returns from Annual Training with the US Army. My Mommy is a soldier.

Here at my blog you'll hear all about my days and nights, see some cute and funny pictures, and learn about my family and friends.

Here is a picture of my family:

Here is my Soldier Mommy:

Here is a picture of my brother and me:

I love my Soldier Mommy, but I miss her a lot.

Sometimes my Soldier Mommy might read this, so you can leave her a note if you'd like. But only leave nice notes. After all, she is making a sacrifice for YOUR freedom and I'm just a little kid. Keep it clean or my Auntie will get you.



Anonymous said...

ROFL - hey kids your mommy will love and appreciate you for keeping up a blog.

Please tell your mommy we will be praying for her safety!

I am more afraid of the auntie then I am soldier mommy . . .. :)


Kat (not Kitty)

Amber said...

Soldier Mommy here. I was finally able to get on here and see all the cool blogs and pics! Mommy sure does love and miss you! Tell Auntie that she's the greatest Auntie ever! I always thought so! Love you guys!