Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunny Days

Howdy, Master Smiley here!

Yesterday Auntie took me for a walk and I really enjoyed looking at the neighbors cows. Cows are beautiful. They say mooo and they walk around. One even walked right up to me at the fence, which was kinda scary.

I decided that the cows wanted me to pet them and I kept trying to touch the fence, but Auntie wouldn't let me. She told me that the fence was "hot" and that it was an "owie maker". I haven't decided yet if she was telling the truth or not.

It was a hot day, so Auntie suggested we fill up the little, purple pool. I thought this was a great idea! She even brought out the tiny tots kitchen. There's just nothing like pouring water from bucket to bucket. Nothing like it!

I even dumped some on my head! Auntie laughed and laughed, so I did it some more. Then she took a video of it and sent it to Soldier Mommy so she could laugh too. I bet she did.

Playing in the sun is hot business, but Auntie bought me some Popsicles and they really hit the spot. I picked the grape one and it was so tasty that I couldn't stop eating it.

Last night I watched the video Soldier Mommy sent me THREE TIMES. I picked up my toys and brushed my teeth (I really like brushing my teeth. My toothpaste is yummy). Then guess what happened? I went to sleep in my big boy bed without crying!

Guess I'm a big boy now!

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Amber said...

Mmmmm! Those popsicles look good! Can Mommy have some? I love you!