Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Scars!

There hasn't been much going on around here. It's been so hot outside that we only go out in little bursts.

Yesterday, I was riding my bike, which is STILL pink, and I tried to pop a wheelie. I have a great admiration for motorcycles and I recently watched my brother, The Game Master, make an impressive jump on an ATV. I thought I was ready. I thought I could handle it. Imagine my surprise when the bike flipped completely over and I landed on the back of my head.

My pit crew moved into action with lightening speed and had the bike off me in a matter of second, but the damage was done.


My Soldier Mommy was on the phone talking to Auntie, so even though I was pretty upset, I got to hear her voice. I have an impressive lump on the back of my head but sadly no scars to show my bravery.

Dang it!

Auntie gave me a Popsicle and I felt better. Here is my happy face.

I awoke early this morning and as Auntie writes this I am watching my Signing Time video and eating Cheerios. I know Auntie and Uncle were baffled by my early rising. In fact, I over heard Uncle say, "Why is he up?" I guess he forgot that little kids do what little kids do. I also heard Auntie say something about a nap...

We'll just see about that!

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Amber said...

No scar huh? Just wait kiddo, you'll get your chance, although I hope none are as big as your brothers'! Mommy is sorry you bumped/bonked your bean. I can't wait until I'm home and can give you lots of kisses!