Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trick My Ride....PLEASE!

On Wednesday, Auntie dropped me and my cousin off at the park while she went to physical therapy. I have no idea what physical therapy is, but it doesn't sound nearly as much fun as the park.

After a quick bite of lunch it was my cousin’s turn to visit the doctor. While in the waiting room I noted they had this totally cool school bus to drive. The only problem was that you had to make your own sound effects. Trust me. I am no amateur. I make the best moving bus sounds. Just ask anyone who was sitting in that waiting room. I could tell they enjoyed the entertainment I was providing.

Perhaps I should look into that; being a waiting room entertainer. I think there is a real need for that. They have piano players in bars, why not toy bus driving cuties in waiting rooms?

When we got home I decided to do a wee bit o' three-wheelin'. You'll note from the pictures below that my "bike" is pink and purple. I will just have you know that I am secure enough in my MANHOOD to ride a pink bike. That's right. I'm man enough!

And since it's the only bike here (left over from when my Auntie was a foster mommy) my choices are pretty darn limited.

Now, I don't know if it's because the bike is pink or if the ground was especially rough, but I kept getting stuck in this one pot hole. It was embarrassing. Time and again I had to call for assistance to get unstuck.

I think maybe I'm going to have to cherry this bike out. It needs bigger tires and a larger wheel base. It has NO shock absorbers and let’s face it, a bike ain't a bike without some flames man! I think I'll stop by Jesse James place and see if he can't trick my bike out.


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Amber said...

ROFL! This is soooo funny! I think you are having to much fun with this! *grin*

He's pretty adept at the bus thing because he has one at his day school. LOL

The pink bike and the crazy pothole thing was hilarious. What a nutty kid! LOL