Friday, August 22, 2008

Snip, Snip, Snip

Yesterday, Auntie took me to get my haircut. I admit to being very excited about it...until we walked through the door. It seems I had a sudden attack of stage fright. I cried.

Auntie looked at Cousin. Cousin looked at Auntie.

The moments ticked by.

Auntie held me and told me I was a big boy and that I'd had my hair cut at this very place last year. "It was a fun place," she said. "There are lots of toys and you can sit in a little car or a plane and get your haircut."

I wasn't buying it.

Auntie said, "Okay Mr. Smiley. You are getting a haircut. Soldier Mommy said so. You can either play and have fun or cry. Either way, you are getting your haircut!"

Easy for her to say. She wasn't the one getting clipped!

Auntie sent Soldier Mommy a text message and the next thing I knew Soldier Mommy called and gave me a pep talk. It was just what I needed to hear. There's nothing like hearing encouraging words from your Mommy to help you get the job done! After talking to her I knew I could be a big boy and not cry.

And I didn't shed another tear.

I love my new look! Clean and manly! I can't wait to show Soldier Mommy who will be home in 48 hours!

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