Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Crayons and Salamanders

It's been really quiet around here. The rain came in and dampened every one's fun. That and Auntie has a ton of homework (just ask her).

Instead of training for the 100K in my pool or doing a bit of off road on my bike (still pink) I've been pursuing more artistic endeavors. I'm very partial to the Veggie Tales coloring book. I prefer it over the Curious George or, if you can believe it, the "princess" coloring books that Auntie has. Insert MASSIVE eye-roll here!

My study of biology has come to a screeching halt because one of my subjects met with an unfortunate accident. While I must accept some responsibility, I would like to point out that I was unaware of the fragility of this particular species.

Okay, look, it went something like this: (and this is just between you and me! Don't go blabbing to Scientific America or anything, okay?)

We were walking up the driveway after dropping my cousin off at her friends house when Auntie spotted a Ensatina eschscholtzii aka Oregon Ensatina or simply Salamander. She was quick to point out it's long tail and toes. We watched it slowly creep across the black top.

Auntie told me not to touch it for she had heard that they secrete a type of poison that can cause skin irritation. Between us, I'm not sure she's 100% correct about this, but since I found myself without exam gloves, I decided to let her win.

She went on to explain that a Salamander's tail will snap right off - How COOL is that? I edged my way closer...and closer...It was a fascinating subject. Truly.

Auntie warned me to be careful and then it happened...

I stepped on it. Now, when Auntie tells you this story she's going to say I STOMPED ON IT. Let me just set the record straight right here, and right now:


(and could you please define STOMPED?)

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