Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Greetings

Hi all!

I'm just stopping in to say Merry Christmas. Game Master and I are here at Auntie's this weekend while Soldier Mommy is at Drill.

Since I checked in last time there have been a few changes. We recently moved into a new house. I go to daycare now, while Soldier Mommy is at work. Some would say I've developed a terrible two attitude but just between you and me, I'm simply misunderstood.

But I am sooooo looking forward to Christmas!

When I walked into Uncle and Auntie's house Friday night the first thing I noticed was the Christmas tree. It was so beautiful. Even today I am still struck by it's beauty and the glitter of small red packages that are tied to its branches. It's amazing.

Word is Soldier Mommy will be leaving for parts hot and sandy in the spring. I'll check in from time time. Until next time:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Saturday morning I climbed out of bed and settled in to my morning routine. I always have Cheerios and Ovaltine while watching Signing Time. It's my favorite way to wake up.

I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. It was just Saturday. I was really focused on my video, when someone scooted up next to me. I glanced over.

My mouth dropped open

My eyes got really, really big

I looked back at the TV wondering if I'd really seen what I thought I'd saw

I looked back to my right...

I had seen her!

Soldier Mommy was HOME!

This will be my last post for a few months. Soldier Mommy, Game Master, and I will be enjoying our time together before her next deployment.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you'll come back again and read about our adventures while we Leave the light on for Soldier Mommy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Snip, Snip, Snip

Yesterday, Auntie took me to get my haircut. I admit to being very excited about it...until we walked through the door. It seems I had a sudden attack of stage fright. I cried.

Auntie looked at Cousin. Cousin looked at Auntie.

The moments ticked by.

Auntie held me and told me I was a big boy and that I'd had my hair cut at this very place last year. "It was a fun place," she said. "There are lots of toys and you can sit in a little car or a plane and get your haircut."

I wasn't buying it.

Auntie said, "Okay Mr. Smiley. You are getting a haircut. Soldier Mommy said so. You can either play and have fun or cry. Either way, you are getting your haircut!"

Easy for her to say. She wasn't the one getting clipped!

Auntie sent Soldier Mommy a text message and the next thing I knew Soldier Mommy called and gave me a pep talk. It was just what I needed to hear. There's nothing like hearing encouraging words from your Mommy to help you get the job done! After talking to her I knew I could be a big boy and not cry.

And I didn't shed another tear.

I love my new look! Clean and manly! I can't wait to show Soldier Mommy who will be home in 48 hours!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Crayons and Salamanders

It's been really quiet around here. The rain came in and dampened every one's fun. That and Auntie has a ton of homework (just ask her).

Instead of training for the 100K in my pool or doing a bit of off road on my bike (still pink) I've been pursuing more artistic endeavors. I'm very partial to the Veggie Tales coloring book. I prefer it over the Curious George or, if you can believe it, the "princess" coloring books that Auntie has. Insert MASSIVE eye-roll here!

My study of biology has come to a screeching halt because one of my subjects met with an unfortunate accident. While I must accept some responsibility, I would like to point out that I was unaware of the fragility of this particular species.

Okay, look, it went something like this: (and this is just between you and me! Don't go blabbing to Scientific America or anything, okay?)

We were walking up the driveway after dropping my cousin off at her friends house when Auntie spotted a Ensatina eschscholtzii aka Oregon Ensatina or simply Salamander. She was quick to point out it's long tail and toes. We watched it slowly creep across the black top.

Auntie told me not to touch it for she had heard that they secrete a type of poison that can cause skin irritation. Between us, I'm not sure she's 100% correct about this, but since I found myself without exam gloves, I decided to let her win.

She went on to explain that a Salamander's tail will snap right off - How COOL is that? I edged my way closer...and closer...It was a fascinating subject. Truly.

Auntie warned me to be careful and then it happened...

I stepped on it. Now, when Auntie tells you this story she's going to say I STOMPED ON IT. Let me just set the record straight right here, and right now:


(and could you please define STOMPED?)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Eats and My New Friend Rocky

Today was church day. So after a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, and let me just say, that I love me some bacon. I really do! I would rather eat bacon that anything else. Except maybe Cheetos. Or gold fish crackers. I'm pretty fond of oranges too. Grapes aren't bad.. Sorry, I got side-tracked by food talk. After breakfast we went to church.

I had fun in my class. There were soooooo many toys and other boys and girls to play with. I was sad to leave. What a great place!

Anyway, after church we came home and had a bite of lunch. I settled on cheddar cheese (another personal favorite), red and green grapes, and gold fish crackers. I also had a couple Cheetos.

After lunch Auntie and I went outside to play and I found the coolest rock. It was so perfectly shaped! We made a video and sent it to Soldier Mommy. Every time I watch that video I laugh so hard! It just cracks me up. Sadly, Auntie cannot seem to figure out how to upload the video to youtube. She's a little bit technically challenged. I love her, but if she'd just listen to me WE could upload that video for your viewing pleasure. Instead, you'll have to enjoy this lame picture.

Last weekend my Soldier Mommy's sister, Soldier Auntie, came for a visit and brought my newest cousin. I love him. He's so little, which makes me soooo big. When you're only 2.5 feet tall you gotta take it where you can get it. Here is a picture of me and the little guy. Isn't he cute?

It's a quiet Sunday here and we are all just kickin' back. The best part about today is that my Soldier Mommy will be home in ONE WEEK!

Hip, hip, hooray!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Scars!

There hasn't been much going on around here. It's been so hot outside that we only go out in little bursts.

Yesterday, I was riding my bike, which is STILL pink, and I tried to pop a wheelie. I have a great admiration for motorcycles and I recently watched my brother, The Game Master, make an impressive jump on an ATV. I thought I was ready. I thought I could handle it. Imagine my surprise when the bike flipped completely over and I landed on the back of my head.

My pit crew moved into action with lightening speed and had the bike off me in a matter of second, but the damage was done.


My Soldier Mommy was on the phone talking to Auntie, so even though I was pretty upset, I got to hear her voice. I have an impressive lump on the back of my head but sadly no scars to show my bravery.

Dang it!

Auntie gave me a Popsicle and I felt better. Here is my happy face.

I awoke early this morning and as Auntie writes this I am watching my Signing Time video and eating Cheerios. I know Auntie and Uncle were baffled by my early rising. In fact, I over heard Uncle say, "Why is he up?" I guess he forgot that little kids do what little kids do. I also heard Auntie say something about a nap...

We'll just see about that!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trick My Ride....PLEASE!

On Wednesday, Auntie dropped me and my cousin off at the park while she went to physical therapy. I have no idea what physical therapy is, but it doesn't sound nearly as much fun as the park.

After a quick bite of lunch it was my cousin’s turn to visit the doctor. While in the waiting room I noted they had this totally cool school bus to drive. The only problem was that you had to make your own sound effects. Trust me. I am no amateur. I make the best moving bus sounds. Just ask anyone who was sitting in that waiting room. I could tell they enjoyed the entertainment I was providing.

Perhaps I should look into that; being a waiting room entertainer. I think there is a real need for that. They have piano players in bars, why not toy bus driving cuties in waiting rooms?

When we got home I decided to do a wee bit o' three-wheelin'. You'll note from the pictures below that my "bike" is pink and purple. I will just have you know that I am secure enough in my MANHOOD to ride a pink bike. That's right. I'm man enough!

And since it's the only bike here (left over from when my Auntie was a foster mommy) my choices are pretty darn limited.

Now, I don't know if it's because the bike is pink or if the ground was especially rough, but I kept getting stuck in this one pot hole. It was embarrassing. Time and again I had to call for assistance to get unstuck.

I think maybe I'm going to have to cherry this bike out. It needs bigger tires and a larger wheel base. It has NO shock absorbers and let’s face it, a bike ain't a bike without some flames man! I think I'll stop by Jesse James place and see if he can't trick my bike out.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Face it, when you are only 2.5 feet tall you end up doing whatever someone else wants to do. Take yesterday for example. Miss C just had to visit the orthodontist. Why she'd want to do this is beyond me.

After arriving at the orthodontist's office. I could finally understand why she wanted to go: FISH TANK!

It wasn't your fresh water fish tank either. NEMO was in there. Seriously! I loved the tank. This man is obviously a genius. No wonder my cousin has those cool metal things on her teeth. I had no idea what an exciting and rewarding trip this was going to be.

By the time we got home I was feeling a little fishy myself. My uncle was kind enough to help me fill up the tiny, purple pool for my aquatic pleasure. For whatever reason I couldn't convince him to get in. I'll just never understand adults!

While I was enjoying the coolness of the deep, Soldier Mommy sent me a picture from AT. Here she is looking very soldier like with her GREAT BIG GUN. I told Auntie that I WANTED A BIG GUN TOO! She simply replied that I'd have to wait until I was taller since that gun looked taller than I am.

Last night I had trouble sleeping. I woke up wanting my Soldier Mommy. Night time is hard because when all is quiet I seem to miss her more. I know there is only a week and a half left, but I wish the time would hurry up and pass.

I miss my Soldier Mommy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mt. Angel Abbey

Yesterday Auntie, Uncle and Cousin C and I went to see their son (my other cousin) J. He lives about an hour away and I hadn't seen him in a long time. After brunch we drove up the the Abbey at Mt. Angel. It was amazing. So beautiful, peaceful and so much grass to run on! I loved the grass. Everyone was really taken in by the view and the buildings, but not me. Give me some green grass to roll in and I'm a happy chappy.

Me and my cousin J. He's almost as good looking as I am. Almost...

Me and my auntie

Auntie and Uncles family

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Park Pictures

Field sports!

Z-Man and Me at the Park

Saturday Auntie took me to meet Unca Bill and Z-Man at the park. I like Unca Bill. He's not really my Unca, but he is Auntie's way cool little bro. He has a son named Z-Man and I really like playing with him.

It rained the night before, so Unca Bill took one for the team and went down the slide first. That way only his butt got wet and not mine or Z-Man's.

In this next picture I am tryin to explain the difference between the pine cone and the chocolate milk. Please note that pine cones do NOT taste nearly as good as chocolate milk does!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Like Me Some Chips

My Great-Grandpa is in the hospital so Auntie and Cousin took me over to see him. I like GG, he has soft golf balls he lets me throw around his living room. That, and he usually has a piece of candy he's willing part with.

At the hospital I saw his owie. It was BIG. It was YUCKY. I couldn't keep my eyes off it. I kept pointing to it and telling him that he had an owie. I wondered why someone hadn't given him a big bandage and a kiss. That always makes me feel better.

Then Auntie took me to Taco Bell for lunch. I sang a little song as we drove over. It went something like this:

"Taco Bew, Taco Bew, Taco Bew,Taco Bew, Taco Bew, Taco Bew!"

I like that song a lot. In fact, I sang it on the way home too. Maybe I should record it? I'm certain it would sell millions of copies.

One item at Taco Bell that you need to order is the chips and cheese. I don't know what they put in that cheese stuff, but it's great. I could eat the entire cheesy goodness without chips! That's how good it is.

I'm noticing that every time I do anything, and I do mean anything someone is taking a picture of me. I'm really going to have to do something about the paparazzi before an embarrassing picture of me and Mylie Cyrus ends up on the cover on the National Enquirer.

What would Soldier Mommy say?!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Visit to the Duck Park

On Thursday we dropped my cousin, Miss C, off at her piano lesson and then went to the Duck Park. Wouldn't you think that if the park was named, "Duck" that there would be ducks? You'd think that, wouldn't you?

No ducks!

Instead, I decided to further my research of Botany, by sniffing and classifying the local verb.

I admit that when I smelled the grass that I said, "Dis smell like my cousin".

Auntie was completely clueless and asked me to repeat myself several times. I think her hearing is beginning to fade. Something that happens among old folks.

After smelling various shrubs, I moved on to tree climbing. Sadly, the trees were not very cooperative.

I decided I'd try my luck at tree hugging, but found it to be all together unsatisfying.

Thus ended our visit to the NON-Duck Park.