Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Typhoid Tommy at the Mall


I've been a very busy boy since Christmas. I am enrolled in a fantastic pre-school program and learning so much. Nana, Game Master and I moved into a new house and I've been polishing my singing skills. So, you'll have to forgive my lack of blogging.

This week I am here at Auntie's house. I'm not certain why, but I believe it has something to do with, "Nana needing a break".

Just between us, I think the Game Master is really wearing her down. I'm just sayin'....

The other day, Auntie took my cousin to the op... opto... to the...eye doctor! But before we went in, I played at the mall play area. As far as play areas go, it was pretty cool and not overly crowded.

And I was having the best time until Typhoid Tommy decided to cough all over me. He looked terrible! Pale, nose running, red rimmed eyes. I must tell you that Auntie darn near had a fit. It took all of my negotiating skills to convince her that Typhoid Tommy probably wasn't contagious.

Auntie looked positively green and kept suggesting that we leave. She searched in vain for her hand sanitizer. Then she turned her stink eye on the adult population looking for the sire of Typhoid Tommy. Thankfully she couldn't find a single adult that belonged to the little germ factory because I'm sure she would have made a scene.

She's just funny that way.

I like the mall, but I'm not certain I'll be able to convince Auntie to take me back. She'll probably make me dress in a haze met suit and you know how hard those are to move around in.


Roo said...

I'm sorry Master Smiley, but I have to agree with Auntie. However, you have something infectious too... an adorable smile!!!!

Amber said...

Ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE these pictures! What a handsome boy!!! I miss him sooooo much!!!! 10 more weeks!