Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slurpee Goodness!

The Game Master and I have settled into our new house with our amazing Nana. She is taking great care of us and life seems to whiz by.

Last weekend, Auntie and Unca picked us up so that we could spend the weekend with them. There was lots of Lego's and oranges. Have I told you how much I adore oranges? I love them almost as much as I love Cheetos. Mmmmm Cheetos...

Anyway, on Saturday, after Auntie returned home from work we went ice skating.

Okay, Game Master and Cousin and Friend went ice skating. Auntie gave me some lame excuse about my being too small, it being too crowded, blah blah blah.

Between us, I know it's because the woman cannot skate. All she had to do was fess up and admit her fear of the ice, but no. She said maybe I could go another time.


To make up for her lack of courage she purchased a Slurpee for me.

If you have never partaken of the cold, icy goodness of a Slurpee than you sir are missing out. Slurpee's come in blue and red and brown and even lime green. If you mix the blue and red you get purple, which is my favorite flavor.

It took some time, but I finally got Auntie to understand that the blue and red MUST be mixed together in order for it to taste right. She's a little slow, that Auntie o' mine. But, I love her anyway.

Slurpee's make me smile. They also turn you face and tongue which ever color you are slurping, which is pretty cool. It's like a little bonus!

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