Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coffee, Boots, and Frogs Oh My!


Brother and I are back at Auntie and Unca's house.

Today, while Game Master and Cousin slept in, Auntie and I went to coffee with Auntie's fried, Red. She's a super nice lady. I made a date for her for next time. I think she likes me.

Wink wink.

After a most delicious cup of cocoa, we sauntered over to Fred Meyer where we purchased the most amazing pair of rubber boots; Green crocodile with teeth! I loved them at first sight. I carried them all around the store. I'd sleep with them...but they have mud on them, so I can't.

Auntie said that if you are going to work on the farm, you have to have rubber boots. She assured me that you cannot splash in puddles without decent boots. I'm so glad she insisted and cannot wait to show Soldier Mommy my new boots.

We also bought some flowers to plant, which we did as soon as we got home.

Then we had a visit from the most awesome creature! A tiny, green tree frog.

Now, unlike the unfortunate salamander episode (see that blog from last summer) I was in complete control of the situation.

I even held him, as shown above, without squishing his little guts out. I made sure to carefully put him back where we found him, knowing that he was headed home to his mommy.

Lastly, I learned how to play tiddly-winks and hope to make the Olympic team in 2014. You never know what you can do, until you put your mind to it.

After my first attempt I looked at Auntie and said, "I'm too young to play this game." She smiled and assured me that wasn't true and urged me to keep trying. Before long, I had the hang of it!

Well, good night all. It's been a busy day and I'm one tired guy.

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Amber said...

Those are the coolest boots I have ever seen!!! I would take them everywhere with me too!